Toon Boom release Producer

July 28, 2017 12:03 pm

For studios with a Toon Boom pipeline, Producer is the out-of-the box solution for managing animation production for film, TV and games projects. Producer is simple to set up and use with a broad range of tools for production tracking, review and asset management. Tight integration with Storyboard Pro and Harmony plus a flexible workflow enables managers to specify, assign and track all tasks required to complete artwork.

Managers can be automatically notified of task status changes and processes while a dashboard of live reports provides key production metrics including breakdowns of completed scenes, team productivity and finished frames of animation. Digital assets such as storyboards, audio and animation can be assigned to specific shots with version tracking. Artists can quickly locate assets and see what tasks are assigned to them. Animation that is ready for review can be annotated on a per frame basis with accompanying notes for quick feedback and collaboration.

Producer, Storyboard Pro and Harmony fit together for a highly efficient production pipeline where you can run Harmony from Producer and access Producer’s advanced search capabilities from within Harmony].
Producer is a web-based application installed on your server running Linux.

Get the best production tracking and asset management software for your animation pipeline.Producer Subscription includes installation, configuration and Gold Support.