AJA Video Systems

AJA was founded by engineer John Abt in 1993. Today the company employs over 200 people worldwide, building industry-leading video capture cards, digital recording devices, video routers, frame synchronizers and scalers, digital converters and professional 4K cameras.

After great success initially with an industry-leading line of Mini-Converters, AJA expanded into the burgeoning desktop video market in 2000. The company’s inaugural line of KONA video capture and playback cards quickly established AJA’s reputation for delivering the highest-quality desktop video products. In addition to the KONA family of video I/O cards for the Mac and Windows PCs, AJA’s growing product line also extended to include the innovative “Io” Thunderbolt desktop video products and trend-setting Ki Pro family of portable and rack-mountable file-based recorders.

AJA’s engineering has consistently supported advancements in broadcast technologies as well as format standards to provide video professionals with future-proof workflow solutions. From the FS family of frame synchronizers, frame rate and format converters, to the powerful TruZoomTM for real-time scaling of 4K footage, broadcasters are increasingly relying on AJA gear to simplify the way image files are captured, converted, monitored and distributed. Combining over four years of development and groundbreaking innovation, the release of CION marks AJA’s entry into the professional camera marketplace.

AJA provides its unique technology to leading manufacturers and developer partners across the professional video industry for integration into their product lineups. High-profile media companies around the globe, along with broadcasters, networks, post-production houses, mobile truck operators, cinematographers, film editors and more, rely on the reliability, flexibility and performance of AJA technologies.


AJA Products are supplied through a network of approved resellers

Zimele Broadcasting Services (Product in stock)
Gencom Technologies (Product in stock)
Videoquip (Kwa Zulu Natal)
Avmark Systems
Digital Therapy
WTS (Africa)
Digital Depot (Online Store)
Filmgear (Online Store)

Game Changers

  • New Technology for Broadcast IP
  • Multi-Channel HD
  • R4K/UltraHD
  • Routing, Streaming, Capture and More


Experience More

New Solutions from AJA HDR, Broadcast IP, and Multi-channel Recording

  • Conversion
  • Editing and Colour Correction
  • Monitoring
  • Playback
  • Analysis

Easy Solutions for Complex Problems

The Simplicity of HDBaseT, the Accessibility of H.264

AJA is dedicated to developing solutions for the evolving needs of the ProAV environment.

AJA Mini-Converters offer the most complete range of compact, standalone conversion and infrastructure solutions, designed to the highest standards in reliability and quality. Our converters cover a full range of 4K, HD and SD capabilities to meet your needs.
Download the AJA Mini Matrix on the App Store, an interactive, searchable catalog of AJA Video and Audio Converter products for anyone needing to convert between different video formats and connection types

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