Phoenix FD for 3ds Max

New All-in-One Fluid Dynamics Plugin Simulates Fire, Smoke, Liquids, Splashes, Foam, Ocean Waves and More; Adds New FLIP Solver to Expanded Feature Set. Chaos Group is offering 15% off Phoenix FD for 3ds Max, until the end of September, for V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max customers*.

This offer applies to new perpetual licenses and annual long-term rentals of Phoenix FD 3 for 3ds Max.

Phoenix FD 3.0 for 3ds Max is frequently used to simulate realistic water, fire, and other fluid effects for multiple television series such as Game of Thrones and The Flash, Phoenix FD has been significantly upgraded for fast-paced productions. With its new FLIP liquid solver and improved smoke and fire solver, Phoenix FD is now more powerful and able to bring more realism to visual effects projects.

Key Features

Ocean simulations

  • Infinite ocean – Create infinite ocean waves that never repeat.
  • Ocean & beach waves – Seamlessly transition from procedural ocean waves to simulated beach waves.

Advanced simulations and controls

  • FLIP solver – Enables faster, more realistic liquid simulations for splashes, sprays, foam, mist and waves.
  • Improved fire and smoke solver – Realistic smoke and fire with natural rolling motion and fine details can be created without increasing resolution.
  • Cascade simulations – Create a series of simulations that trigger and interact with each other.
  • Refine existing simulations – Add detail and increase resolution without changing simulation shape or behavior.
  • Simulation retiming – Speed up or slow down simulation playback, perfect for slow motion effects.
  • Custom emission sources – Use a wide range of emission sources including animated meshes, texture maps, particles and more.
  • New forces – Influence simulations with forces like wind, spline follow, and mesh attraction.
  • Pipeline and compatibility Compatible with top industry tools such as Alembic, Krakatoa, Stoke MX and OpenVDB.


Phoenix FD for Maya

The all-in-one fluid dynamics plugin for Autodesk Maya, Phoenix FD supports a wide range of fluid simulations including smoke, fire, water and oceans, making it a popular choice for fast-paced television productions such as Arrow, Once Upon a Time and The Man in the High Castle. With a new FLIP liquid solver, plus a new fire and smoke solver, Phoenix FD 3 for Maya delivers realistic visual effects in shorter time frames.

Phoenix FD 3 for Maya’s quick presets and intuitive controls now make it faster and easier for artists to create any type of fluid simulation. Phoenix FD works seamlessly in Maya and renders with V-Ray, Chaos Group’s Academy Award-winning rendering solution.

Key Features

  • FLIP solver – Fast, realistic liquid solver.
  • New fire & smoke solver – Create realistic smoke and fire with super-fine details.
  • Quick presets – New toolbar with presets for fire, smoke and liquid simulations
  • Ocean simulations – Create ocean surfaces that never repeat using procedural ocean displacement. Preview and render the ocean surface without simulating cache files.
  • Wave force – Transition from a procedural ocean surface to detailed wave simulations.
  • Force controls – Art direct and control simulations with forces like wind, mesh attraction and more.
  • Path follow – Create simulations that follow a path along a spline.
  • Interactive simulations – Fine-tune simulations interactively in the viewport with Phoenix FD’s GPU-accelerated preview.
  • Refine simulations – Increase simulation resolution and add detail without changing overall shape or behavior.
  • Simulation retiming – Speed up or slow down simulation playback. Perfect for slow motion effects.
  • Cascade simulations – Create a series of simulations that trigger and interact with each other.
  • Emission sources – Use a wide range of customizable emission sources, including animated meshes, texture maps and particles, to drive complex simulations.
  • Fast volume rendering – Optimized volume rendering with accurate lighting and global illumination.
  • Compatibility – Supports industry-standard tools and formats like Alembic and OpenVDB.
  • Simulation licenses – Use Phoenix FD simulation licenses to submit jobs over the network to Deadline and Backburner.


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