FilmLight develops unique colour grading systems, image processing applications and workflow tools that are transforming film and video post-production and setting new standards for quality, reliability and performance. Their streamlined metadata-based workflows employ robust products with the best creative tools, allowing creative professionals to work at the forefront of the digital media revolution ‘At Every Stage’ of modern workflows.

Making great looking pictures isn’t easy. It needs outstanding creativity, appropriate technology and process—and a passion for moving images. If you’re reading this, you share that passion with us, and we think you’ll appreciate what FilmLight have to offer.

Where FilmLight came from

Before FilmLight we gathered a great deal of know-how working in post-production, and we were making digital film sequences long ago. We met many like-minded people, and so we’ve been able to bring together an exceptional team—with many of the world’s leading talents in software and hardware design for the post-production industry. We were the customer and we still think like the customer.



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