Chaos Vantage

Explore your most complex 3D production scenes ray traced in real-time. With Chaos Vantage, there are no time-consuming conversions. Simply drag and drop your complete V-Ray scene into Vantage and start exploring. There’s also a direct live link available from 3ds Max, so you can use it just like a viewport.

Chaos Vantage requires an NVIDIA RTX series GPU.


Key Features

  • Zero setup.
    Drag and drop your V-Ray scene into Chaos Vantage and start exploring. There’s no geometry to optimize, UVs to unwrap, or lighting to bake.
  • Easy navigation.
    Navigate your scene just like playing a game. There’s even automatic collision detection useful for climbing stairs and being blocked by walls – perfect for over the-shoulder presentations.
    Animation editor. Create and render animated sequences directly in Chaos Vantage. Create your pitch and tell your story in real-time within Vantage. You can quickly render it offline for even better quality.
  • Go big!
    Chaos Vantage handles gigantic scenes and billions of polygons without a problem. Test it with your most detailed production scenes. Ray-traced quality. Chaos Vantage uses physically based lighting, materials, and global illumination to create results with photorealistic accuracy – perfect for design validation.
  • Live link.
    Instant sync of changes to your content with a live link to 3ds Max. Speed up previz setup and rendering, and transfer any changes you make back to 3ds Max. Also coming to other V-Ray 5 integrations in 2021.

System Requirements

• Windows 10 with Update 1809 or later
• NVIDIA RTX GPU (maximum of two)
• NVIDIA Driver 419 or later
• System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory