Axle Video

The Problem

You’re probably creating, using and accumulating more video than ever before. If the time spent trying to find the right clips, browse, share with colleagues and clients and gather input for editors is depriving your team of making better content or be more efficient, you need media management.

A Radically Simple Solution

Axle is radically simple media management that makes it easy for anyone to catalogue, search and even automatically find the right footage from within a browser from a few to hundreds of terabytes of video. Axle 2017 software scans nearly any storage and serve up a browser interface within Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE, and a panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It’s easy for users to tag many clips at once with custom metadata, work on a subclip level to insert comments, or mark in/out segments for transcode or export to an editor. Interfaces handling LTO and cloud archiving, transcoding at scale, and baseband video ingest are all available. A new level of capability opens with the axle ai module’s ability to search on visual similarity rather than up-front tagging or logging. Select a video frame or an image from your computer or the web, and find similar images within your media, ranked for similarity to the one supplied using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and deep-learning technology. Best of all, Axle’s products are affordable and easy to deploy. Complete systems start under US$10,000, and you’re in good company with over 400 installations worldwide, including broadcasters like BBC, CBS, NOS and Reuters, universities including Harvard, MIT and Princeton, and corporations such as Price Waterhouse, Intuit and VMWare.

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