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HDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio is a dedicated tool for creating lighting. It connects to your 3D software providing a fast and easy way to light your 3D images. Real-time and interactive – simply ‘drag and drop’ lights onto your 3D model. At the heart of HDR Light Studio is the HDR Canvas. This HDRI environment map updates in real-time as lights are added and adjusted. HDR Light Studio can also create and control 3D Area Lights in your 3D scene. Area Lights are currently compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and MODO Connections.

HDR Light Studio

Link HDR Light Studio with your 3D software. Plug-in connections are available for:

Maya | 3ds Max | Cinema 4D | MODO | Houdini | LightWave 3D | VRED | Maxwell Studio | Rhino | SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Each of the above product packages is available in 4 license types:
• 1 Year Subscription – Node Locked
• 1 Year Subscription – Floating
• Permanent License – Node Locked
• Permanent License – Floating




HDR Light Studio Standalone

HDR Light Studio can be used standalone to load a model and make a HDRI map. It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

HDR Light Studio transforms your lighting workflow:
• Studio Lighting
• Lighting to match a back-plate image
• Adding lights/adjustments to existing HDRI maps

Key Features:
• LightPaint – click on the 3D model in HDR Light Studio to position lights
• Create and edit HDRI maps in real-time
• Procedural lights, image based lights and procedural sky
• Loads Alembic and Collada scenes
• Includes a large library of HDRI light source captures
• Ideal lighting solution for Physically Based Rendering
• OpenColorIO Color Management


HDR Light Studio for Maya

HDR Light Studio for 3ds Max

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