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Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award-winning, UK based, software company that has pioneered Digital Content Governance (DCG), object storage and the modernisation of digital video workflows. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud solutions bring economic and operational benefit to all of our customers and also helps them stand out from the crowd.

Prior to forming Object Matrix, the three founding members were all busy developing object based storage technology for other companies. That was over 15 years ago, the technology was bleeding edge and a forerunner to many of the storage platforms available today.

The founders left to develop their own vision and they, like many others, foresaw the exponential growth in data volumes. However, the Object Matrix philosophy was not just built on the inherent scalability and interoperability of object based storage but also the benefits it offers in terms of instant to access data and metadata. The flagship technology is ‘MatrixStore’, object storage software that provides protection and governance for the lifetime of any digital content. MatrixStore can service organisations in any market but today it is predominantly used by some of the worlds biggest organisations (NBC Universal, France Télévisions, TV Globo, EDF, the BBC to name a few) that create, curate and distribute digital video content.

10 Reasons why People Work with Object Matrix

1. No more Silos!
2. Integrated, Automated and Non-Disruptive
3. Future Proof and Intelligent
4. All Stakeholders
5. Surviving Local Outages
6. SD, HD, UHD and Beyond
7. Find, Share, Secure & Audit
8. Flexible & Agile Approach
9. World Class Support
10. Customers need fast access to their entire archive

Applications and Features

MatrixStore Vision – Find, Browse and Share Made Easy

MatrixStore Disaster Recovery

MatrixStore Disaster Recovery with InterConnect

Why is MXFS so Good?
MXFS provides resilient, cross platform, file system access

Johannesburg, South Africa,  August 2018 – MediaCloud Networks, a trusted partner, reseller and advocate of Object Matrix has purchased MatrixStore to offer a cloud-based object storage platform as part of its services across South Africa and beyond.

MediaCloud Networks has introduced MatrixStore, the media focused private cloud and object storage solution to the existing services delivered to its customers. By adding MatrixStore to complement existing solutions, MediaCloud Networks can offer a secure and protected cloud storage platform as a managed service, whilst utilising the fast access of its established network.

Peter Watling, Sales Manager Object Matrix, commented:

The media industry is particularly challenging, with evolving consumer expectations and technology. MediaCloud Networks, like Object Matrix, is specifically focused on the media industry. Therefore, media organisations looking for support across a number of services and workflows can benefit from expert knowledge and understanding of this industry.

MediaCloud Networks offers additional value to its customers with the technical expertise in workflow design, integrations, support and product knowledge that has been gained through the close partnership. Now having MatrixStore to offer as-a-service also means that it can additionally provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services to existing customers using MatrixStore on-premise.

Marc Eckstein, Managing Director at MediaCloud, added:

Our customers are increasingly demanding a cloud-based storage service. The key concerns for media companies is having assets available, so they are easy to find, fast to access and simple to share; this is something MatrixStore excels in, ensuring time is spent generating revenue and not managing storage. Having the ability to offer a secure, cloud based, managed storage platform at a competitive price without the additional penalties for accessing content is a really attractive prospect for organisations, especially if they do not have the need or capacity to house the hardware. With our super fast network, access to content will seem as though it is in their rack.

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