Motion capture has revolutionized the animation industry and Synertial are leading the way.

Synertial designs, develops and markets advanced motion capture, motion measurement and wearable systems for tracking, gaming, biomechanics, simulation, entertainment, rehabilitation and enhancement technologies.

Motion capture is essentially a way of recording the motions of a human performance actor whose movements are captured and applied digitally to animate characters in 3D using software like Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Motion Builder, 3D Studio Max, Maya and more…

​The applications for Motion Capture are vast and some customers are in industries such as Animation, Film & Television, Video game development, Live entertainment, Medical research, Vehicle production research and much more
There are two main Motion Capture systems. Optical and Inertial Optical Systems like Optitrack and Vicon are optical systems. They use a series of cameras to pick up reference dots placed on the actor. The main benefit of an optical system is that it is very accurate at locating you in a specific spot. It knows exactly where you are in digital space. But a negative is that it isn’t very precise when it comes to finer movement like accurate fingers and if reference points are blocked (occlusion) then further animation work may be required.

​Inertial Systems are what Synertial do. They are incredibly accurate as all the motion is picked up by individual sensors placed on the actors body. It’s the reading from these sensors that are sent to the computer and creates the motion. The main benefit of inertial systems is that they are incredibly accurate. But they can suffer from drift. Which means the character moves in space without being locked into position.

​The best bits of the optical system are combined  with the best bits of the inertial system

​With Synertial’s Mocapsuit. They have combined the inertial suit with the HTC vive lighthouse system. This give’s a hybrid Opto-Inertial motion capture system that has immense accuracy but with no occlusion or drift! see below some of our videos demonstrating this perfect system

Mocapsuit is the first finger, body, prop, location accurate motion capture system, all on one data stream, one file output, ideal for performance capture by smaller studios

Synertial Mocapsuit Brochure

The new product line are the Cobra finger motion capture systems,
Peripherals for the Cobra gloves include automated scanning tool to extract hand skeleton measurements and the SynDash Skeleton Editor for managing all types of factors important to accurate data.

Another important finger motion capture product is the SynSync system SW/HW which is indispensable for motion capture studios running Vicon, Motion Analysis, or Optitrack motion capture systems who would be interested in a pre-solved finger motion capture data that has ‘Frame Perfect’ sync system, with matching file names and first frame timestamps to make data management easy.

Synertial Cobra gloves Brochure


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