Ripple is the entry level panel with a price-tag to match.

Designed for the occasional colourist, editor, and student, Ripple provides the essential 3 trackerballs that speed up primary grading. Its small desk foot-print means it will sit comfortably beside your keyboard and mouse, and it won’t get in the way when you’re not using it.

Used effectively with many applications including the following:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe SpeedGrade
  • Assimilate SCRATCH
  • Autodesk Flame


When editing or doing advanced color correction, use the Tangent Element Panels Kit. This bundle includes the Tk Panel with three trackerballs – ideal for three-way color correction – the Mf Panel with an additional trackerball plus 21 tactile response buttons – ideal for secondaries work – the Kb Panel with 12 user-assignable knobs and the Bt Panel with 14 additional tactile response buttons. A magnetic mechanism allows all four panels to be combined seamlessly into a single, contiguous control surface. The list of compatible software is a growing one and includes such applications as DaVinci Resolve, SCRATCH, Filmlight, Colourfront, Autodesk Flame and more.


The wave features crisp, easy to read, ice-white OLED displays and custom trackerball units based on a non-contacting optical pickup. With enough buttons and knobs to keep your most needed controls at your fingertips, the Wave will increase your productivity, leaving you to get on with what you’re best at doing – being creative.

For Applications such as Blackmagic Resolve, Scratch, Filmlight, Colorfront, Autodesk Flame Blackmagic Generation and more.