V-Ray NEXT for 3ds Max

V-Ray Next for 3ds Max, update 2 introduces V-Ray IPR enhancements and V-Ray GPU updates to improve your workflow and let you quickly optimize your scenes. It’s now easier than ever to render efficiently with Memory tracking reports and Debug Shading in IPR.

New Features

Workflow Optimizations
IPR updates, Debug Shading and a new Memory Tracking report to save time and optimize your scenes. 

Debug shading.
Easily isolate textures, materials and geometry to help debug large shading networks in V-Ray IPR and V-Ray GPU IPR. 

Memory tracking.
Optimize your scene with the new memory usage report for textures and objects. 

Color corrections in viewport IPR.
Apply V-Ray Frame Buffer color corrections directly in the Viewport IPR. 

V-Ray GPU support for alSurface material.
A general-purpose shader with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections on V-Ray GPU. 

V-Ray GPU support for VRayDistanceTex.
Faster setup of your scene’s shaders and render effects based on geometry with V-Ray GPU.

Smarter Effects
Spice up your projects with cel-shading effects or take advantage of the new lens effects to simulate real-world camera styles.

V-Ray Toon Shader. Quickly add cartoon and cel-shading effects to your 3D projects. 

Dust and Scratches lens effect. Simulate real-world camera lens effects with new procedurally generated Dust and Scratches. 

V-Ray NEXT for Maya

Production-proven CPU & GPU rendering for animation and visual effects for film, television and virtual reality.
V-Ray for Maya brings faster rendering, more responsive look development and added realism to high-end VFX and animation projects.

New Features

Adaptive Dome Light.
Faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based environment lighting based on V-Ray Scene Intelligence.
Faster IPR.
Redesigned IPR for faster feedback and continuous updates.
AI denoiser in Viewport IPR.
The NVIDIA AI denoiser is now available for interactive rendering with V-Ray IPR in the
Debug shading/Isolate selected.
Quickly isolate selected textures and materials to help debug large shading networks in IPR.
Playblasts with Viewport IPR.
Create high-quality previz and animation tests via V-Ray Playblasts with Viewport IPR.
2x faster GPU rendering.
Fast new GPU rendering architecture that now supports more high-end production
GPU Volume Rendering. V-Ray GPU now supports blazing fast rendering of volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog.
GPU bucket rendering.
Adds support for Cryptomatte render elements.
Physical hair material.
Render more realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights and new glint and glitter controls.
Metalness. The V-Ray Material adds support for PBR shaders with new Metalness reflection controls.
Toon shader.
Easily create non-photorealistic, cartoon and cel-shading effects. Now with new options for advanced
line control.
V-Ray Layered Texture.
This powerful tool layers textures with blend modes and individual masking controls.
Layered Alembic support.
Now supporting Alembic 1.7 and layers for efficient handling and updating of Alembic data.
V-Ray Cloud.
Now in open beta. Render scenes directly to the cloud with a push of a button.


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