V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max is the most complete 3D rendering software for artists and designers.

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max’s modern and efficient material library workflow, faster look-development with material presets, and flexible post-processing features can save users time, take them beyond just rendering and help them focus on artistic exploration — from a single creation tool.

Whats new in V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max

Post-Processing with V-Ray

With V-Ray 5 you can now use one tool for more than just rendering. There’s no need to go back and forth between different apps.

▪ Light mixing, layered compositing, Light Path Expressions

Optimized Lighting and Shading workflow

Artists can focus on designs and worry less about creating materials and textures. Access to the material library means users can initiate their custom materials in no time. A new Sun & Sky analytical model dramatically improves lighting at sunrise and sunset.

Material Library and Browser, Material presets, Material previews, Coat and Sheen layer, Texture randomization, Stochastic texture tiling, Extended V-Ray Dirt, New Sun and Sky model and Native ACEScg support.

New Features


V-Ray’s powerful CPU and GPU rendering is built to handle the toughest projects and demands of high-end production.

CPU rendering, GPU rendering, Resumable rendering, Denoising Debug shading

Lighting  & Illumination

V-Ray helps users create the highest quality renders possible. It analyzes а design according to its actual lighting and the true reflections and refractions of its materials. You can choose from a variety of lights.

Adaptive lights, Lighting Analysis tools, accurate lights, Global Illumination

Cameras and Optical effects

V-Ray supports any commonly used camera type options. V-Ray also has additional advanced controls for camera effects.

Lens effects, Point & Shoot camera, Photorealistic cameras, VR


V-Ray supports a versatile selection of materials to achieve different looks — from simulating simple surface properties like plastics and metals to complex uses such as translucent objects, subsurface materials like skin and light-emitting objects.

Physically based materials, physical V-Ray Hair material, Metalness, V-Ray Toon Shader, VRscans


A wide variety of memory-efficient textures are also available to use with V-Ray materials. V-Ray has all the texturing capabilities required for production rendering.

Memory-efficient textures, Triplanar mapping, Rounded corners


There are different ways V-Ray can create and modify geometry objects in a scene, including primitives and procedural geometry, modifiers, proxy objects, particle instancing, volume grids, etc.

Proxy geometry, Clipper with render-time booleans, Hair and fur, specialty geometry

Atmospheric & Volumetric effects 

The atmospheric and environment effects in V-Ray simulate fog, atmospheric haze and participating media for a number of image effects.

Volume rendering, Aerial Perspective

Render Elements 

With V-Ray, users can choose from nearly 40 unique beauty, utility and matte passes to give them more control over their rendered images in compositing.

Render Elements, Cryptomatte

V-Ray NEXT for Maya

Production-proven CPU & GPU rendering for animation and visual effects for film, television and virtual reality.
V-Ray for Maya brings faster rendering, more responsive look development and added realism to high-end VFX and animation projects.

New Features

Adaptive Dome Light.
Faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based environment lighting based on V-Ray Scene Intelligence.
Faster IPR.
Redesigned IPR for faster feedback and continuous updates.
AI denoiser in Viewport IPR.
The NVIDIA AI denoiser is now available for interactive rendering with V-Ray IPR in the
Debug shading/Isolate selected.
Quickly isolate selected textures and materials to help debug large shading networks in IPR.
Playblasts with Viewport IPR.
Create high-quality previz and animation tests via V-Ray Playblasts with Viewport IPR.
2x faster GPU rendering.
Fast new GPU rendering architecture that now supports more high-end production
GPU Volume Rendering. V-Ray GPU now supports blazing fast rendering of volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog.
GPU bucket rendering.
Adds support for Cryptomatte render elements.
Physical hair material.
Render more realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights and new glint and glitter controls.
Metalness. The V-Ray Material adds support for PBR shaders with new Metalness reflection controls.
Toon shader.
Easily create non-photorealistic, cartoon and cel-shading effects. Now with new options for advanced
line control.
V-Ray Layered Texture.
This powerful tool layers textures with blend modes and individual masking controls.
Layered Alembic support.
Now supporting Alembic 1.7 and layers for efficient handling and updating of Alembic data.
V-Ray Cloud.
Now in open beta. Render scenes directly to the cloud with a push of a button.

Please note that free trial licenses are available only to users who haven’t tested the current product version with a trial from Chaos Group.