Toon Boom Animation launches Harmony 15

October 17, 2017 10:20 am

Toon Boom Animation has released the latest edition of its flagship technology: Harmony 15. Available now, the new version introduces features that aim to revolutionize how artists create and animate. Harmony 15 is the first and only software to break down the barrier between bitmap and vector.

Toon Boom Animation is the innovator behind the world’s most ubiquitous animation software, used in over 75 percent of 2D content produced globally, and Harmony 15 delivers advancements to animation technology that meet the needs of artists everywhere — whether they’re in a studio, at school or somewhere in between.

“Harmony 15’s amazing new features improve my work and productivity every step of the way, regardless of the animation style or look I need to achieve,” says Gonzalo Azpiri co-owner and director of Hook Up Animation. “I have no doubt studios will see value in terms of ROI and the quality of their creative output.”

What’s New in Harmony 15

Textured Vector Brushes
Access unlimited expression with vector brushes that revolutionize art creation. Animators can select, recolour and even reshape raster-quality brush strokes during every phase of production. Create, modify and clean up artwork faster than ever before — without compromising quality.

With a few clicks, remap a single colour for multiple drawings or change an entire colour palette with a built-in script.

Master Controllers
Skillfully handle complex rigs more easily with new Master Controllers. Speed up the animation phase using a single controller to animate multiple objects, and add as many controllers as needed.

Guides and Vanishing Points
Drawing tools snap to new guides and vanishing points; draw props and do background layout in the right perspective with more speed and less effort.

Creating and Animating Mattes
Have cutting-edge control over matte creation with autofill, automatic handle trimming and handle alignment for polyline and stroke tools. Also, animate size, shape, feathering and opacity to complement effects and compositing.

Thumbnails in the Timeline
Visualize and build scenes from A to Z like never before. Zoom thumbnails, change drawing exposure durations with handles and adjust the opacity of layers — all within the timeline.