• Dial Controller + 8 Programmable Press Keys – Radial Controller Protocol is supported with or without the Driver installed.
  • Page Scrolling,Zoom in/out,change the brush. You can also customize it to your preference.
  • Wireless Mode in Both PC and Android Devices 
  • Holds Charge for 20 Hours – Get started with your mobile and computer canvas. 5-10 meters wireless range frees you from cables. Q620M Graphics tablet also comes with an USB 2.4G wireless receiver. After 1.2 to 3 hours Quick Charge,Q620M can hold charge for about 20 hours.
  • Battery-free Stylus with ±60°Tilt – It ensures more accurate and detailed presentation. Q620M reduces the parallax to the lowest level and with no lag,making your drawing alive. Pen Resolution:5080LPI,Report Rate:266PPS,Tilt Range:±60,Pen Pressure: 8192 level.
  • Matt Finish Frosted Tablet Board – Provide you with pen-on paper drawing experience. It is fingerprint Resistant and made of anti-sweat and durable material. Q620M is with large working area 10.5″ x 6.6″.It is super light and thin.
    Your Ideas go where you go.Thickness: 8mm. Net Weight: 666g.