Touchvision rebrand

July 28, 2017 10:00 am

For over 25 years, Touchvision have been providing a professional, flexible full service offering to South Africa’s media industry. This solid track record of experience in adapting to the industry’s rapidly evolving technological needs have brought us to a new point and a new vision.

Our new Touchvision Logo represents attributes of responsiveness, adaptability,innovativeness, agility and dynamism. It also gives the idea of an unfinished canvas – where Touchvision sets the platform or vehicle (provision of tools), and the creative artist or user completes the picture by adding their own skills and flair to it.

Touchvision’s tools and support have enabled its clients to translate their ideas from concept to reality. The value Touchvision’s people stretch themselves to offer is visible in its clients’ products that showcase the media industry’s exuberant creativity.

Touchvision’s decision to rebrand came about after its new partnership with Mediacloud was formed, MediaCloud is a niche internet, telecommunication and cloud service provider, allowing Touchvision to now offer a seamless end-to-end solution that enables its clients to supply finished content to their clients at lightning speeds across a robust managed fibre optic network specifically designed to meet the demands of the media industry.

Brand and website design courtesy of the creative digital agency, Publica in Johannesburg