Axle EDIT-Axle Video’s latest product

October 20, 2017 12:44 pm

Axle Video’s latest product, axle Edit is used for field journalism. The software runs on an iPad or iPhone, and an axle 2015 media management server. Media captured is uploaded to the server, and HD rendering is done on the server to be sent to air or web.

From anywhere in the world, log onto axle and search material, combine it with footage recorded on your iPad or iPhone, do simple timeline or storyboard editing of video and audio from axle’s bins, and save a sequence locally using H.264 proxy. When the iPad edit is complete, a simple tap sends the project to axle servers where any locally acquired media is cataloged, conformed and associated with the original full resolution media.

Axle Edit is easy to learn and use, but styled to resemble professional editorial tools with insert and overwrite editing, media detail views, cuts and dissolves, audio adjustments, and the choice of storyboard or timeline editing. It’s ideal for journalists and others who need a portable editing tool with the option to include archival news footage from the servers when editing in the field, and also for producers who want to review dailies or other footage and stitch together rough cuts for what-if purposes.