Highly Accurate, Cost Effective Mocap

Fitted with 18 fast, lightweight, daisy-chained gyroscopes allowing for flexible performance and the ability to perform fast gymnastic movements as wells as smooth gentle nuance motions.

  • Fast, lightweight gyroscopes
  • Production quality data
  • Portable & Easy to Use

Ease of Use

Both lightweight and comfortable to wear, the IGS-180 combines a durable Lycra based sensor placement suit with robust gyroscopic technology. The IGS-180 comes ready calibrated, so a beginner can install the system and start recording motion capture data in less than 30 minutes. The portability of the system means that it can be taken to countless suitable motion capture environments.


The IGS-180 offers highly accurate, nuance rich motion capture data at an affordable price and is ideal for professionals and higher education institutes alike.

Like all Animazoo systems, the IGS-180 does not suffer from occlusion or marker swapping and has all the benefits of a wireless data connection.


Data from the IGS-180 can be captured with Animazoo OS in 30/60/120 frames per second.

Using Animazoo’s powerful drivers and plug-ins, data can be imported into all leading animation packages including MotionBuilder, Maya, 3D Studio Max and Blender and has real-time drivers for MotionBuilder, Siemens Jack, UDK and Unity.

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